Friday, 1 December 2017

Rescheduling of B.Tech I year I Sem 2nd Mid exams scheduled on 02.12.17 & 04.12.17

It is hereby informed that the B.Tech I year I Semester 2nd mid term examination scheduled on 02.12.2017 (Saturday)  and 04.12.2017 (Monday) are postponed and rescheduled as mentioned below:

Scheduled Date of Exam as per Time Table
Re-Scheduled Date of Exam
02.12.2017 (Saturday) FN
04.12.2017 (Monday) FN
02.12.2017 (Saturday) AN
04.12.2017 (Monday) AN
04.12.2017 (Monday) FN
11.12.2017 (Monday) FN
04.12.2017 (Monday) AN
11.12.2017 (Monday) AN

Students are advised to note down the changes and appear for examination accordingly.

Controller of Examinations